Types of representations: 

Focus of Practice: 

Approach to Practicing Law:

Types of representations:

Focus of Practice: 

The focus of my practice is to represent investors and privately-held companies. 

Investments:  After doing private-placement and venture deals during my years at Preston and BGI, I know the ins-and-outs of preferred stock transactions (as well as alternative structures).  Those transactions fit well with my practice as I’m able to efficiently draft documents for my clients (time is always of the essence!).  If we need a specialist (IP lawyer or tax specialist), I know where to get that expertise (I’ve been chair of the state bar’s securities committee for the last five years, so I have ties to all the major firms in Seattle). 

Companies:  I help my business clients make better decisions in contracts and planning their futures in the face of what often seems like a maze of laws, regulations, customs, and practices.  Having started my legal career with the Securities & Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C., I understand the complexity of the securities laws and how they affect both investors and companies.     

Approach to Practicing Law

Mark is a problem solver. 

I combine practical legal advice with business insight to help solve problems and achieve the client’s long-term objectives.  Clients benefit from the insights I’ve gleaned from my private practice and general counsel backgrounds. 

My clients use me as a sounding board and to think strategically about their options.  My years as Bill Gates’ general counsel taught me to think from an investor’s perspective and how to leverage and manage the expertise of other lawyers.  I can serve as a part-time general counsel to help clients finish and manage their legal work, and be an advocate with their lawyers.  I also bring a myriad of relationships, contacts and resources to bear for my clients. 

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